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Safe stories are where we hide and rest. God stories stretch and challenge us.

My biggest problem in a small church setting is to clone creativity. Finding people to join me in discovering and telling the dangerous, life-changing stories of God is difficult, but things worth doing are worth the effort. I trust God will reveal the ones called by the Spirit.

Today's post is in response to a recently launched blog, “No More Safe Stories” that is designed for church creatives. I'm starting over in a new parish with little technology, so I won't be using videos for a while. I can still tell the stories. Journey Media offers support for creative types to challenge and encourage each other. After all, creative people always face the obstacle of “But we've never done it that way before.”

Pastor Hazel Behrens
Serving 3 churches in rural North Dakota


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A child’s trust fractures easily and needs patient understanding to rebuild. One pull on my granddaughter’s tender scalp when brushing her hair is enough to cause her to flinch before the next brush stoke. Patiently, I try other methods to get her hair smooth without inflicting more pain. She may let me brush it again without trying to run away.

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