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Not Guilty (7/16/13).


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Wixon: Grapevine Faith’s good will vs. Gainesville State School almost too good to be true.

A second take on Cheering the Other Team

People forward emails with inspirational stories to me all the time. Their heart was touched and they want to share. However, forwarded emails can easily be changed over time even if the original story was true. I make it a practice to verify as much as possible before I share with anyone.

The story of Faith Academy in Grapevine, Texas cheering on their opponents in a November 2008 football game against Gainesville State, a juvenile correction facility was easy to verify. The email that passes the story on is a bit melodramatic, but the real story is indeed inspiring.

Whenever one person tries to imagine what things must be like for someone else and acts on that image, the world changes for the better. What the coach imagined could not have happened if that image did not translate into the minds and hearts of the parents and students at Faith Academy.

This story is an example of what Jesus meant when he said, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

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