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I have no words for the pain of my church member. I had few words for the pain of my-sister-in -law, but I could at least offer a hug.
One mother’s cry echoed by thousands more and I feel inadequate to respond.
Scripture says that we who believe mourn, but not as those who feel no hope. Yet where is the hope for a mother whose arms were ready to hold, but left empty? Where is the comfort for the grandfather who anticipated that first great grandchild and now feels helpless before the sad eyes of his favorite granddaughter?
I listen and pray, but I also direct those who have experienced the devastation of miscarriage to writers whose can comfort with the comfort they have received.
Submitted with tears, but hanging hopes on trees. I trust that in the fallen leaves some seeds will grow new hope.

Hang Your Hopes From Trees

Today I hung my hopes from trees

and fate brought in a stirring breeze

and plucked off and scattered piles of leaves

and threw them to the ground

Today I stared into the sky

I wondered aloud and upwards, Why?

Fate stared back with unblinking eyes

And never made a sound

I listened to the wind today

And wondered where you’ve gone away

And fate sent only cold my way

and an empty space within

Today I walked out in the rain

And asked to have you back again

And fate kept pulsing through my veins

But never did give in

Today I couldn’t let you go

Tomorrow will hurt too, I know

But even though I wish it so

You aren’t meant to be mine

What can make my heart unlock?

What can ease this pain and shock?

Fate replied with the ticking clock

The only cure is time

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