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Hazel Behrens says:
February 7, 2011

5 fabulous things about me (a challenge issued by professional organizer Elizabeth Hagen)

I am writing fiction that will someday brighten someone’s life.
I “live in my coolness” and daily fulfill this encouragement that I received from a friend.
I let Christ shine through me.
I am still in love with my husband of 36+ years.
Each day, I improve my health by active participation in life.

I recently reclaimed my office and feel confidently released. I used many of Elizabeth Hagen’s organizing principles as I transformed a spare bedroom/junk room into a room of my own. It is a gift to walk into my own writing space now.

For years, I behaved as my mother had, reserving the leftovers for myself and making space for everyone else. I see I need to create pleasant places around myself to be a happy and productive member of society and shine as God created me to do.

So, what are 5 fabulous things about you?


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