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She didn’t ask for her tattoo, but she paid for it every day of her life. She wore scarves low over her forehead because her fine blond hair let it show through the longest bangs.

The neighborhood thought her exotic. The marketplace smiled as her slim, tall figure strode confidently past food stalls each morning on the way to her fabric kiosk. Alfredo always bowed low as she passed, as if she were a queen. He had tried to court her with flowers, and small gifts, but her constant refusal to date anyone at all caused him to back away and respect her privacy.

She never had privacy before. Her every movement had been monitored, and reported. Now, the family thought she was dead. Before her husband’s body was found, she had disappeared, leaving clues to her own suicide on the yacht.

No one knew her secret and she had to keep it that way. She wore the scarves even in her sleep. Yet, after every shower, she faced the tattoo – her husband’s permanent claim, MINE.


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Before the altar of our TV stands a Vitamaster 53C exercise bike given to us after our car accident when walking was so difficult. It had been near the dining room but now, it claims a space formerly occupied by a chair.

Winter is coming on. Dreaded ice and snow threaten to derail the increased walking of summer and fall. Hopefully, biking during TV time will get me past the slow time of physical activity.

Here’s to health!

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