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dsc09032Snow covered trees and those laced with frost are exquisitely beautiful. No matter how cold it is, I have to take a few minutes just to take in the wonder. I took this photo shortly after I began making presentation slides, hence the blank space near the top. This slide looks great with white lettering and I love the way the trees lift our vision.

Another note on snow trees:

When our children were young, we played games to encourage them to eat their vegetables. Cauliflower became snow trees, while brocoli pieces were grass trees. It was fun to imagine we were giants, devouring entire trees in our immense hunger.


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35 Valentine’s days since we started dating and the love keeps growing. It helps that we agreed long ago that only one of us could go insane at a time. Having a calm person available and supportive when life gets crazy is absolutely heavenly. That beats out all the flowers, candy and jewelry a girl could want.

Thanks for the love, the laughter, the hugs and the kisses, my funny Valentine.

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The week of  Valentine’s Day, I was driving south on icy roads, taking it slow and easy. Near Heart Butte hill in Grant County, North Dakota, I saw the southbound lane was blocked with snow at the same moment that a semi crested the hill in front of me. I had no choice but to hit the drift. My car spun and the semi drove safely past leaving me facing north but in one piece. After a moment thanking God for saving me and protecting the other driver, I rocked the car back and drove forward out of the drift.

At the next driveway, I pulled to the side and checked my vehicle for damage. Aside from knocking quite a bit of snow from my wheel wells, my Saturn had survived but I think I lost a piece of dark plastic from the under body.  Surprisingly, my hands were not shaking, and my heart felt relaxed.

Life is joyous, yet fragie. I am grateful to be alive and thankful for each moment. I wish I could retain this awareness, but I know I will soon lose this precious feeling in the midst of daily routines.  I love my life!

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